Children's Yoganature At Avon Heath Country Park

Due to the Coronavirus, Yoganature is not being held at Avon Heath Country park but is being held on Zoom, in your own home, Saturday mornings at 9.30am to 10.15am. Children's Yoga and Mindfulness; teaching children breathing techniques while learning various animal and nature poses, outdoors in nature as much as possible.


Venue address
Avon Heath Country Park Brocks Pine
St Leonards And St IvesĀ¬ Ringwood
BH24 2DH
East Dorset

Other information

Additional Information
Contact Gemma on 07706 233932 or at for more information.
Some activities and family support services listed in our directory may be cancelled, postponed, or running in a different way due to coronavirus restrictions. Please contact providers to check for information about any changes.

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Address: Avon Heath Country Park  Brocks Pine  St Leonards And St IvesĀ¬ Ringwood  Dorset