Blandford Skate Park

Blandford Skate Park is a large park with metal ramps on a tarmac base. It starts on one side with a wide mini ramp that is back to back with a small spine and next to this is the top platform off which leads a flat bank with rail, a roll in and a quarter pipe. These lead onto the middle section of the run which features a driveway with rail, a large jump box and a smaller jump box with a ledge in line with each other. The return ramps to this run is made up of a long flat bank with a ledge at the top. Off the back edge of this is a quarter pipe with a hubba that is facing another long quarter pipe with a driveway and a roll over in between. Free.


Venue address
Stour Park
Blandford St Mary
Blandford Forum
DT11 9LQ
North Dorset

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All year
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Address: Stour Park  Blandford St Mary  Blandford Forum  Dorset