Help Adolescents With Cancer (H.A.W.C)

We are a self help group founded in 1991 and solely depend on donations from the public and various organisation together with the fundraising efforts of our members. We offer our members the opportunity to take part in social outings, group meetings, and most importantly of all, support and counselling. By counselling we mean a space to talk, to explore feelings and new ways of thinking about our problems and difficulties.


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You may be anxious about trying to cope with cancer or concerned about how the treatment is going to work. You may want to talk to someone who has already experienced chemotherapy, radiotherapy, surgery or even a bone marrow transplant, or stem cell harvesting. You may want to know what effect the treatment will have on you. One of the most common concerns for teenagers about to undergo these forms of treatment is how you will look without hair. Well there are many in the group who can advise and reassure you.
Some activities and family support services listed in our directory may be cancelled, postponed, or running in a different way due to coronavirus restrictions. Please contact providers to check for information about any changes.